Timetable and Rules         


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The first phase of the league will commence on 19th October 2019 and will run until 14th December 2019. There will be no Winter League fixture on 9th November 2019 as the course is hosting a Local Children’s Charity Golf Competition. Phase two fixtures will commence on 4th January 2020 and will run for 9 weeks until 29th February 2020. The Mike Grice Trophy will take place on 7th March 2020, followed by the snooker final and the Winter League Dinner and Presentation Evening.


Start times throughout the league fixtures will not change but players are reminded to be courteous to other members and try to dovetail in with matches that are leaving the 18th and 10th greens.


The format is individual points awarded in a fourball betterball matchplay competition. The points system can be found on the General Information page.


Nine-tenths handicap allowance will be applied. However in the event of winter greens being enforced then the maximum handicap allowance will be 18, with three-quarters the handicap difference being applied.


A maximum of three substitutes are permitted in the season. Penalties will be applied if this is exceeded, details of which can be found on the General Information page.


Abandonment Policy. Whilst the format of the winter league is matchplay and the rules of matchplay permit players to discontinue a match by agreement; this can only happen if the match can be resumed or played on a later occasion. However in the winter league it is not possible to replay matches that have been abandoned, thereby meaning the generic rules of matchplay can not be applied. Local rules are therefore necessary to provide guidance to the players and against which decisions can be made by the committee. For the sake of clarification the committee comprises the winter league organisers, and the competition secretary. The authorised representatives of the committee for the purposes of determining course closure are the head green-keeper, the professional, the chairman of the greens committee, and the Captain, in that order of decision-making priority.


The authorised representatives are charged with the responsibility to determine if the course is playable or that there are circumstances which render the proper playing of the game impossible. The committee may declare play null and void when conditions require abandonment of the event or a decision has been made during play to close the course. (Rule 33.2d). The committee may make a decision to abandon play at any juncture, and if play is abandoned and some matches can not be completed then all matches are considered void, regardless of how many matches have been completed.


The rules of golf stipulate that bad weather is not of itself a good reason for discontinuing play. Therefore if a four-ball elects to abandon its game without abandonment being declared then their match is determined as void and each player would be deducted six points.


The decision to abandon play or close the course will be made principally on grounds of safety for the well being of players and to reduce wear-and-tear on the course. The judgement of the committee or its representatives will consider the ability of players to have secure footing on tees as well as on slopes.


Closure of the course prior to play will be made with as much notice as is reasonably possible given the conditions on the day. Whilst every attempt will be made to update the club website, this may not always be possible, so players are recommended to contact the professional for guidance on course closure.


Abandonment during the course of play will be notified to all players using the horn which will be blown from both the 1st and the 11th tees.


Winter rules apply with these local additions:


-           Pick, clean and place on the fairway within 6 inches no nearer the hole.

-           Plugged ball (except in a hazard) may be lifted, cleaned and dropped no nearer the hole.

-           You are not entitled to pick, clean and place in the rough, except from a plugged lie.

-           If in any doubt about the lie, consult your opponents.